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What To Clauses Exclude - AS9100D

Hello, I'm new to AS9100D so I apologize in advance if this is a silly or ignorant question. I know for a fact my company can exclude Clause 8.3 but I noticed Clause 8.1 refers to some later clauses. For example, Clause 8.1 A requirement is to determine requirements for products and services, and Clause 8.2 is Requirements for Products and Services.

So my question is, are there any parts of 8.1 I should exclude because they are also a part of 8.3?
I know for a fact my company can exclude Clause 8.3 ...
" This International Standard does not refer to “exclusions” ..."

It may be that the requirements of 8.3 are non-applicable to your organization. No requirements are 'excluded' anymore. That is low hanging fruit for an auditor!

IMHO, I don't think any organization can find a reasonable justification for any of 8.1 to be non-applicable.
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