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What to do about Non Conformance forms that are deleted or missing?

Hello all,

I noticed that in the non conformance log in my new company, some forms are not complete and some are missing and some are "removed from list".
What can I do about these Non conformance forms?
What's the best way for Quality to approach it?

Thanks in advance,
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So should I raise one NC for all the missing/removed from list NC and say that CAPA actions will be implemented for it not to occur again?

I would issue 1 CA.

There may be multiple root causes, and multiple corrective actions assigned the the 1 corrective action. I would do this so you only have 1 document to go to if you find the same issue happening again later. For example, you write seperate NC's, 1 NC due to 'missing' and 1 NC for deleted. A year from now, you find that an NC was "missing". You only open the 1 NC against missing and investigate why that specific corrective action failed, in my mind, you need to also investigate the 'deleted' CA as well. They are related and if one failed, the other has a good chance to fail as well. If everything is in one NC (multiple CA's within that specific NC), everything within the NC can be looking into easily.
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