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Dear all

I'm a new user that has just joint this room since couple of days ago. I was suprising because i got a lot of references that i'm looking for during this time.

I'm working in a new oil and gas company that has just established 4 years a go. As safety officer i have responsability to make sure our employees are safe, no properties damage and keep business performance forward.

Although we haven't yet involve directly in any oil and gas production currently, but we are very antusiasm to capacitate our employees to achieve best knowledge and experience of QHSE and willing to have ISO certifcates. In this regards we have sent half of our employees to attend certains of courses. We do also has established our first draft of QHSE Integrated Management System Policies (ISO19001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2007) that still in the our managerial desk for approvement. On the other hand, a projects owner is been asking for our certificate of those 3 ISO's.

A malaysaian based Auditor has been contacted to do our first QHSE audit on last year (september) but cancelled due to unreadyness of our company in implementation of QHSE. The plan then reschedulled to next month of March 2015, the Auditor has contacted again for our confirmation but unfortunately we have to rearrange it to next year if possible.

Based on this situation, i need some one in this room help. what should we do and prepare to conduct our audit process and to achieve ISO certification.

Thank you very much for your help

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As you have mentioned that many of the staffs have been to various training. i am sure some of them have gone through the standards and Internal audit training as well. You will find plenty of checklists in the cove. You can then make your own checklist for Your Company and first do an Internal audit. This will give you a rough estimation ( Gap analysis) of where you are with the implementation and how much you need to do. After that you cna make a plan on the areas where there are improvements to be made and carry on.
Hope this helps.


Read the standards, and ask if your company have complied with all requirements stated in those standards or not. Have you prepared all documents and records required by those standards and needed for the operation of your integrated management system? Have you implemented effectively all process required? If yes, you are ready for certfication. Not 100% yes is OK, the auditor will show you what corrective action needed.
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