What to do when Employees are not following Instructions



Raise an engineering change, if the organisation signs off on the process change great, if not re-train.
If despite organisation NOT signing off / or re-training the engineers continue to ignore the process, you have a disciplinary issue to escalate via line managers.


Its first warning.three times.if they follow not again,i will decrease their pay.then they will listen to your order.

Julie O

The old customer print (ABC) should have been archived when the new one was created and they know this, but they figured they would just let it go into obsolete status from lack of orders..
You are still not at root cause here. WHY did they decide to let it go into obsolete status instead of archiving it?

And why should they have archived it instead of just letting it go into obsolete status? (Other than "because the procedure tells us so.")
Its first warning.three times.if they follow not again,i will decrease their pay.then they will listen to your order.
I'd suggest that you might want to discover the root cause first! There are some instructions which cannot be followed! I'd be taking you to a labor tribunal if you reduced my wages based on some bogus process documentation! You could show me three times to do open heart surgery and I'd STILL kill the patient! You may wish to rethink your understanding of how processes work and peoples' role in process control...
I agree this is likely to be effective in achieving compliance, but Quality is virtually never in a position to decrease anyone's pay but Quality's.
It doesn't work, anyway. Seriously, would you work at a job where, if you made a "mistake" you lost pay? What if it wasn't a "mistake", you simply couldn't DO what was written? Or the tooling was worn out? What then?

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Keona - your post represents a belief and behavior that has been disproven as effective. If you are not a 'troll' and truly care about Quality, I suggest that you read through all of the postings in this thread. There are many posts that you will hopefully find useful.


Taking the OP at face value.

The Engineers know the procedure and chose not to follow it.

Its probably safe to assume two things. Archiving was a bit more work and people a lazy ( or more correctly pressed for time ).

I'm guilty, I'm meant to take the garbage from the kitchen bin, out to the main bin before I put the main bin out. Sometimes I don't , its because I can't be bothered or I'm busy and therefore my wife yells at me.

I know the correct procedure and its not a mistake.

Back to the original topic, you can have "smart" computer systems. Perhaps each archive gets a number and the new system won't update unless a valid archive number is put in.

But the disciplinary approach can be correct too. Yeah maybe its not as simple as just dropping the pay, but if it keeps happening and its not an accident, the issue could be discussed with the offending Engineers supervisor.
If the Supervisor agrees that the procedure is necessary and that the Engineer's are correctly trained, then there is no reason why discipline could not be taken, and why it should not factor on a pay review.

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