What to reference when using (not calibrating) handheld measurement equipment



Can anyone help with the specifications to reference when using (not calibrating) handheld measurement equipment?

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That is a rather broad question. If you are speaing of handheld multimeters, digital thermometers and the like, I don't believe such a thing exists. I guess I don't quite understand the context. In QS9000 MSA you can read about requirements for measuring instruments used that could affect the quality of end product or services. There are requirements for repeatability and reproducibility.

If you are speaking of measurement standards in a calibration laboratory, there are requirements for the ratio between uncertainty of measurement of your measurement standards compared with the accuracy specifications of the unit being calibrated. The minimum ratio is "normally" 4:1.

If you could elaborate, I could try to give a better answer



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Originally posted by SJWUNDER:
Can anyone help with the specifications to reference when using (not calibrating) handheld measurement equipment?
You are talking about 'work instructions', not 'specifications'. The hand book which came with the instrument should tell you how to properly use the instrument. If not, write your own instructions. You could also contact the manufacturer and ask what they have in the way of operating / use instructions.

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ASQ had a publication about measuring...can't remember the name...but it has been used for the certified mechanical inspector body of knowledge...that covered equipment use and care...when to use which piece, how to use/read, as well as proper handling. It had a picture of a micrometer on the cover...was about an inch thick, 8x11 paperback..last used it a few years ago....try the asq.org web site and go to publications/inspection. It was a great reference, may have been updated by now.....but was reasonable....about $20-$30 back then. even covered surface plates, gauge blocks, plugs...compatators..both old style and the new digital ones. Wasn't a standard.....but reflected good practice.


Does anyone have some sample calibration instructions for different types of gages that I could compare with my own?
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