What was that smell?


Neil Suits

What was that smell?

On the way in and out of Tosebo there was very distinctive smell in the air. It reminded me most of summer sausage. Thankfully one could not smell it at the camp. I assumed that it was a sausage factory, but of course that didn’t make much sense. As it turns out, it was the smell of paper factories located, I think, in the Manistee area.

Neil Suits 1964-66


I too remember a smell in and around Manistee-not unlike the smell associated with vaulted pit toilets-somehow I associated it with the Morton salt works, though the odor of a paper mill seems more likely. 1953-55 Councilor, Tom Crampton, was a native of Manistee. Possibly he can give us some answers.
Another odor at Tosebo-especially at the beginning of the season-was the musty odor of a summer home in the woods that had been closed up-unheated-for the winter. My first memory of the musty, closed up, summer home odor was in 1952 standing in the doorway of the Beehive-meeting Mrs Fawcett for the first time-again the odor was in the entry way of the Welcome house where I entered my name in the "sign in book". The musty odor was in the Club house-theTrunk house-even in the cabins and tents-presumably from the cotton mattresses that had drawn dampness during the winter. By summers end the musty odor had pretty well dissapated.

Strong Bow

The smell you refer to was from the paper factories in Filer City. It was actually a good weather predictor because it meant the evening breezes were from the south and we had warm good weather ahead.
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