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Whats Marc's schedule for 2012?

Jim Wynne

Super Moderator
And for that matter, what about the other Coves' personel?
The Cove has an owner (Marc) but no personnel as such, just a bunch volunteer moderators. Marc is amazingly vigilant with regard to the goings-on here, but when there is the occasional brief absence the moderators are here. There aren't many times when there's any level of appreciable traffic here when there isn't at least one moderator logged in.

Recently some of the moderators got together for a group picture:

And for that matter, what about the other Coves' personel?
Push often comes to shove. How about your own schedule?

Interested in meeting Marc? When you know you are going to be in Cincinnati area, you can always check his availability. I suspect a bottle of Jameson would be a door opener. You could offer to go with Jim to offer moral support as he goes to have a pain in the a-- [a boss?] extracted.

The point is that even tightly organized folks like Hershal rarely have really long lead times on their schedules and often have only small windows of time in any location to socialize (smart phones, laptops, and the internet keep a lot of road warriors on the job long after sundown.)

The 60's and the 70's were a great time for road warriors. Travel was gracious in the sky and polite in the terminal. Seatmates schmoozed instead of burying heads in digital screens. Clients had time for lunch and/or dinner, maybe even a show or concert. Cell phones and the digital revolution changed that. 9/11/2001 profoundly changed the experience in the terminal, but leisure time on a business trip had virtually disappeared even before that.

Trade shows and conferences are tailor made for meet and greet. Can you finagle bosses into paying your way to one or more?

Finally, there is an old aphorism: "Man plans; God laughs." meaning circumstances often arise to derail plans. I've certainly had that happen to my own plans for the past six months.
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