Interesting Discussion When Employees Don't Follow Procedures

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Wow! That was a great article! I really like how it sums up the basics, without leaving out some very important details, including how to deal with specific types of behavioral problems as an employer.

In addition, I appreciate how 'motivation' is recognized as one contributing factor, not that the employee is always purposefully insubordinate. So often, where I work, I deal with the 'blame game'.

There are surely things a company could put in place to improve motivation of its workers if it were identified as a root cause.
Thank you, that was a really nice thing to say.

While I was working in the schools I saw a lot of walking and talking reasons why our time motion studies from Taylor, statistical control from Shewart and Six Sigma from Motorola might not make all the difference in solving productivity and error problems. But sometimes the solutions were amazingly simple and inexpensive. As painful as I thought my teaching years were, they were priceless for the lessons I learned while in there.


geart work and thanks for such a wonderful article

Its worthy to be included as a study in modern management theory
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