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When exactly can a corrective action be closed?


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If I have a corrective action open (8D form) and the plan is created and implemented, can I close the CAR? If the ongoing effectiveness check is something that happens yearly it doesn't make sense to keep a corrective action open forever, so do you close it and then use an internal audit program to validate that the CAR is closed?

John Predmore

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In my 8-D reporting system, I added a second completion column for "Tasks-Complete". I track and internally report Tasks-Complete date as a KPI for our Improvement process.

One of those tasks I am tracking in Tasks Complete is a defined plan for Effectiveness Check, including task owner assigned and target date. In this way, the task for Effectiveness Check plan can be marked complete, even though the effectiveness check might not occur until months in the future.

For illustration, let's say the next production run for that part number is scheduled 12 months from now. The infrequency of the production schedule is not a reflection on the problem-solving ability or perseverance of the 8-D team. I don't fully close out the 8-D record in my tracker until the Effectiveness Check is complete, but this strategy allows me to move a Corrective Action project off the active investigations list, because no one is actively working on the 8-D investigation, we are only waiting of the passage of time (until the next production run, in this example).
I would not hold an NCR that is under control open for years. If you are not careful they will be lost in the shuffle. Do your best with it. Make sure it is moving in the right direction. Include these measures you have determined as need to fully verify the results into other documentation, such as procedures, work instructions, or even notes for the next production run of that part (which may never happen) and move on. Don't get lost in the past.
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