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When preventative action is prohibited by cost in 8D problem solving

Dealing with two customers on non critical cosmetic flaws. Both very small percentage of orders

1. 9 of 50000 total value .21 cents. requesting C&P action .
2. 9 of 10000 PCS total value $36.00 requesting 8D C&P action in this case it is a raw material issue that cannot be detected in our process and supplier is taking action but says its confidential.

Our product is not 100% inspected and is not cost effective to do so. The customer does not want to pay the additional costs.
So my guess is that this is a blanket push down -- every "problem" requires a full 8D, probably in 14 days. Some underling is just sending the paperwork because they where told to. Nobody actually sat down and thought about it. So go ahead and identify the root cause and for corrective/preventive action indicate that it is not cost effective. Also indicate that you might need to charge for sorting/inspection going forward. Good luck.
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