When Quoting an ISO Standard should I put the quote in italics?



:)When I am writing something and need to quote the ISO 2015 standard should I put the quote in italics to show ownership to the standard? I have seen quoting the standard both ways, non italics and italicized.

Thanks in advance.


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Quotation marks show that it's a quote. That's why they're called quotation marks. ;) There's no need to italicize the words quoted unless you want them to stand out (or your boss told you to). I believe if you're citing the ISO standard by name, MLA says you would italicize it. Example:

According to ISO 9001:2015, "The organization shall identify, review, and control changes..."

Obviously here on the forums you'll see a mixed bag of just about anything.


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Language and it's rules of use is ever evolving, and the internet is a big influence. My policy is that visible readability comes first, so I rarely use italics. Quotation marks work well, as does underlining. Bolding text not so well.

Judicious use of white space helps a good deal also. Don't be afraid to hit [enter] a couple of times.
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