When will Revision 5 of the AIAG FMEA Manual be released?


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I'm not ready to reinvent the wheel just yet, mine is rolling just fine at the moment. I'd love to see some clarification on this.
According to the webinar, existing FMEA's will not have to be updated to the new standard. Official rollout for the new FMEA's to be required by customers is still pending. The OEM's are supposed to be letting the auditors know a date to start auditing to the new FMEA in October. Until then, the new FMEA's are to be used by request from your customers. Training on the transition is supposed to start being offered in July.

Hope this helps!
Re: Trainer Bob Right off the bat I noticed that the handbook allows previous 4th Edition formats to be used and recommends new products use the new format. I think that will put alot of people at ease a little longer.

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