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Where can I buy 10 CFR Part 21 in either PDF or Text format?

Can anyone tell me how to get my hands on 10 CFR Part 21?
I have tried to download it off the internet, and all I can find is about 50 different parts, and none of them are 21. Thanks, in advance....

Don Winton

Under the assumption that you are looking for 10 CFR § 21 from the NRC; Title: Reporting of Defects and Nonconpliance, it can be found in either PDF or Text format at

It is still in parts, but the text files can be merged into one document with minimul formatting. The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Comission) also has an Inspection manual at its site (www.nrc.gov) that may give additional insight. I have found the FDA manuals more insightful that the regulations themselves.


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Mike Jackson

This link will take you right to the reg's you are looking for.
Hope it helps...


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