Where can I buy the TS 16949 standard? The AIAG is expensive!



Is there any resource for copies of the TS Standard OTHER than the AIAG website? My company is quite large but is not an AIAG member - they're considering it, but those wheels sometimes move verrrryyy slloooow, if ya' know what I mean! Anyway, I'd like to outfit my "top management" at my division with copies, especially given the emphasis in TS on their involvement, but I'm looking at 20-25 copies at the "non-member" price of $75 EACH at AIAG.com!! YIKES - That's a fairly expensive cheap paperback!! :rolleyes:


OH, that number above includes my internal auditors, Quality folks and some spares - we're not THAT management-top heavy! LOL!:vfunny: :vfunny:


AIAG is the only authorised source.
Of course you could buy one copy and develop a slide presentaion for various groups.

Juan - 2004

We bought a "pdf" version of the standard and installed it in our "INTRANET".

Everyone in the organization can read the standard from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the web.


Thanks, folks! Juan, I particularly like the Intranet install idea. We also maintain a QS (soon to be TS) intranet that everyone in the plant has access to - would be just the ticket for this. But we'll still need some hard copies for the Internal Auditors. Gives 'em all warm fuzzies when they can doodle in the margins of their own copies! :p

Randy Stewart

Steely One,
Contact me at the work email in my profile. I have some documents you will be interested in!


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While we're on the topic, are the supporting documents (such as Rules for Achieving IATF Recognition) available in pdf format? I'd like to have all of the supporting documents in pdf so I don't have to lug 100 pounds of books with me when I travel.

I've got the TS 16949 in pdf and have created my own pdf copy of IATF Guidance to ISO/TS 16949:2002 (scan & OCR), but I don't have electronic copies of the others. Anybody?
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