Where can I can an example of ISO Docs?


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Hi, Our company has been asked to get TL9000 registration by a large potential customer. I manage the Engineering department of a Telecom Electronics OEM. What are your recommendations for a place to get a "canned" version of documents or examples of documents and procedures other similar companies (Electronic OEMS)have used for ISO and/or TL9000. I would like to use these as a foundation or example to build on rather than starting from scratch. example; how are other companies defining their preventetive maitenance on computers or ESD procedures? Any help is appreciated,
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I recommend staying away from "canned" procedures. They never fir what you do.

You might want to check the pdf section of this web site for examples that forum users have posted.

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Look at procedure for ideas and for format, nothing else. You will not derive full benefit from implementing a formal quality system if you do not take the time to map you own processes, reach consensus and document them in your own words and/or flowcharts. There are no shortcuts! If you are using consultants, use them a fascilitators and coaches, do not let them write much for you. You must be able to maintain these systems by yourselves after they are gone. I have implemented ISO9000 and QS9000 successfully dozens of times, trust me on this. Get top management support, get resources and just do it.
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