Where can I find a copy of ISO 10110? Optics and Optical Instruments

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George Trybulski

By any chance does anyone have a copy of ISO 10110 laying around on disc ? I'm too cheap to pay the $102.00 for it when we just need it to quote a job for a potential customer.Thanks.


I have a copy in front of me. what quote are you looking for?


Sorry, I thought you meant just a copy, I don't have it on disc!


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Russ Jackson

ISO 10110 consists of a series of standards numbered ISO 10110-1 through 10110-12 (dated 1996 or 1997) dealing with Optics and Optical Instruments; 10110-14 is in draft standard form. You might try a professional society or someone in a professional society related to optics. However, if anyone else has paid $102 for the series for their use, I find it hard to believe that they would willing share a copy as it could well result in copyright violations. And it could be owned by one of your competitors bidding on the same job.
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