Where can I find examples of PPAP?


Hello everyone!
This is my first post here. I'm a 25 year old student, and I'm looking for some help from the experts!
I have a assignment from my university to find and review at least 10 examples of correctly completed PPAPs.
Unfortunately I'm not able to find it in the internet- I've been looking for it for last three days, and I found only guidelines and blank sheets.
Could you please advice me where should I look to find completed PPAPs?
I would really appreciate it.


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Welcome to the Cove Marta...a little more specificity might help, PPAP is a very broad all encompassing subject....typically a PPAP culminates and is documented via a PSW Part Submission Warrant (multiple levels of this, depending on what the OEM or customer has requested or specified. As a first step might i suggest you utilize the Cove attachments search function above "Attachments List"...there is much data and examples there.

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Hi, Marta - welcome!

I'm afraid you're going to have a very hard time finding people willing to share their real PPAP packages - with non-disclosure agreements, etc. I'm surprised your university expects that you could just come across 10 completed PPAPs.

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Most completed PPAP submissions would be considered confidential documents, and so would (in general) not be available for review by the general public. As optomist1 suggested, you can look at Attachment Lists for examples, however unless someone is prepared to share their completed PPAP submissions with you, then it is going to be difficult to meet the assignment requirements.


Thank you all for your answers and advice! I didn't expect feedback so quickly.
I'm not professionally related to quality management (I'm working as a packaging technologist in the pharmacy) and PPAP is something new for me, so I didn't know this is so confidential, but when you put it that way it really make sense that companies does not make those documents available in the internet. Maybe I just misunderstood the assignment. Thank you again for the clarification!
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