Where can I find Safety Pamphlets for Laboratory Stations?



I have a general question about safety and if anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently trying to set up a safety program at our lab. I am trying to find pamphlets that I can place at the safety station in our lab. Does anyone know where I could start looking for the pamphlets?
Thank you ahead of time, and I am open to any other suggestions. :bigwave:


Right to Know Station


Personally, I would start with a "Right to Know" work station with instructions on reading and interpreting Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Search the Web for free phamplets on Chemical Handling Safety. Keep all the MSDS sheets for the chemicals that you have in you workplace, in a binder with an Index. Maybe a poster showing the chemical labeling system you use. Such as NFPA or HMIS. It really is window dressing because most Lab personnel already know how to work safely with chemicals. A sign saying "Authorized Personnel Only" or "Safety Goggles Required"JMHO.:smokin:


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1st...are you part of an organization that already has an in place safety program? If yes, they should give you what you need. If no, hire me!! Just kidding.:)

If you go to www.labsafety.com you can then link to "Free stuff" or something like that. In the "Free" area look for "EZ Facts". "EZ Facts" are some of the easiest and best put together stuff on the net. You can download and print them to your hearts desire.

Also depending upon what state you are in (I'm in CA) you could go to your state OSHA site (if yours has one), they will have stuff there too. Or you can try www.osha.gov . Fed OSHA has material on their site as well.

If you are starting a safety program from scratch you will need to develop as a minimum:
* Injury, Illness Protection Plan
* Hazard Communication Plan (for chemical material management)
* Laboratory Safety Plan
* Personal Protective Equipment Plan
* Emergency Action Plan
* Respiratory protection Plan (possibly depending upon what you do)
* Medical Surveillance Program (possibly)
* Fire Protection Plan

These are just a few of the absolutes and possibles.

If you need anything else feel free to come here or email me. I have among other things a BS in Occupational Safety so I can probably help you some.


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Is it just the Lab? How to spiff up the Lab? Or you ready for the full array of Safety related requirements for the entire company? I swear it was just the lab. Maybe it's me, but I really concentrated on the lab. I think it was phamplets, no? Do you want get deeper than window dressing? If so, as you can see, there's plenty of "help".:smokin:
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