Where can I get AMS2750 training?


C Enriquez

Im new user in this forum, I was wandering if someone knows where I can find a AMS2750 training


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I don't think you will.

I can give you a heads up though. This is more of a general how to read an AMS spec, though.

Scope and Purpose: This is where they talk about what the process does.

Application: Why you would want the process.

Quality Assurance Provisions: Here is where you want to make sure if it says you do the process while "uttering the secret incantation" you would check that you are uttering the secret incantation in the process.

Responsibility for Inspection: Who does what? Processor typically is the one doing these things, but it is common to have responsibilities of the purchaser described as well. Cad plating and visual checks come to mind.

Notes -or- Procurement Responsibility: Here are the new "gotchas" of the SAE spec. They have been stating you must put revisions on procurement docs (no more latest rev applies nonsense).

One example I saw said you have to have the following on all procurement docs:
-Spec with Rev.
-Material being processed
-Method, Class & type
-Post treatments (when applicable)
-Inspection Method(s)

Prehaps you could get a copy of the spec, and if it doesn't make sense, come back and ask about the specific clauses?

Good luck!


PRI, the administrators of the Nadcap program, offer a 2 day eQuaLearn "Introduction to Pyrometry / AMS2750e" course.

Naturally, it's very Nadcap focused; however, the staff which I've asked to attend have found it very beneficial.
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