Where does Document Revision Control Start? Rev 0 or Rev 1


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I'm having a friendly debate with a co-worker. His experience has an original document starting at Rev 0 and the first revision to that document is Rev 1.

My experience is the Original Document is Rev 1 and any changes to it would then become Rev 2.

Is there a right way, or only what our system says?

Thanks in Advance


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Re: Where does Revision Control Start Rev 0 or Rev 1

Both way is OK !

I used to use Rev 1 for the original version of the document. But recently I moved to a new company where (they) we use Rev 00. Firstly I was surprised but later on I had different perspective: the newest edition has no revision at all, so Rev 0 sounds more logical.

But it is not a problem at all, you may chose from:
Version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0...
Revision 00, 1.0, 2.0...
Or use different indication.


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Re: Where does Revision Control Start Rev 0 or Rev 1

...and I worked in a company that the original version was rev "-".

whatever work for your system and people would follow is a okay.


Absolutely agree with all the posters above.
the only thing is to make it absolutely crystal clear to everyone:D


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Technically, an original document is at "0", isn't it? So the friend is correct. Since it's not been revised, how can it be at "rev 1"? But, as others have said, as long as it's understood then do what you want. IMHO, it makes (better) sense to follow the logic...


If you substitute the word "Version" for "Revision", it makes sense to start at 1 instead of 0. :)


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So, then, logic should prevail. An original document is un-revised and should be "0". When changes are made, it's revised and then follows rev (or vers) 1, 2, 3 etc.


We use Rev A as Original or Initial Release. They used to be IR but some thought it was Initial Release some thought In Revision. We adopted the same level structure as our Engineering drawings. Something people were already familiar with. Unless a customer or Regulatory Body requires it to be different.
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