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Have you done a SIPOC excercise for your departments (processes)? , once is done, you will have a clear
understanding of what your people produce and can determine if is a process or just activities into other processes.

I have not heard of this.. I am looking it up now! Thank you!
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FWIW, never ever did a "SIPOC" procedure in my life and never plan to. I just consider what helps my business, and what does works better than using someone else's formal published-for-money process...


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It depends of your needs, I have used this way to to depict a process and is useful, when sipoc is used , a process can be "viewed" much better than simple text, but again if it is a simple process , is sufficient a pair of paragraphs.


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I agree with @qualprod a SIPOC can be a useful tool to help you and the process owners to visualize the process and really garner an understanding of what their inputs and outputs are. However you have to use what you fell is more appropriate for you and your team. I use it to deploy systems with most of my clients and they like it as it gives them a simple perspective on how their processes look.

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SIPOCs are like Turtles.

A tool for analyzing and understanding processes that may become a record but were never intended to act as documented procedures.

Personally, with the process owner, we would prefer to go straight to the deployment flowchart to show the process objectives, who is involved, the inputs, activities, interactions and the results.

With its links to the procedures of interacting processes, forms and any necessary instructions that may also end up being useful as a documented procedure.

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:cool: Funny.

These species were hatched by academics eager to teach us about processes as if they were new to us.

Trouble is many of these creatures were then adopted as part of the system instead of being retired as soon as the developed management system goes live for ongoing use and improvement.
Hello there!

I am creating an entire QMS for my company from scratch. I am currently trying to map out all of the necessary processes and trying to figure out where my Marketing Department fits in all of this.

We have a Marketing department that attends trade shows and advertises for our company and vendors to educate customers of our services (for the government)They manage our website, social media, and vendor relations...

I have a clear understanding of the ISO requirements and so far have created all the necessary buckets (I think).
However, our Marketing department doesn't really fit in to our over all business "goal"/ turtle diagram.


So where does Marketing fit in? and how is that area of things audited?
Hi - I don't know if you are still seeking answers, but I'll add my perspective.

Matching departments with processes can be difficult, and I think ISO/TC 176 had a good graphic in the 2008 document on the Process Approach (see Figure 2, on page 6):

In dealing with you question about the Marketing department fitting into your "business turtle diagram":
1) How does the Marketing department add value to the business (do top management think that the budget allocation is used effectively)?

2) What can (or does) happen when Marketing does not provide the results the company wants?

If the answer to either of those questions is "nothing", then you don't need the Marketing department (and it won't need to be on a diagram showing where it fits in the business).

Of course, the Marketing department as you described it has important business functions, and should be controlled to ensure consistent output, and (over time) improve its performance.

I would suggest revisiting the business diagram and, as John suggested, perhaps using something other than a turtle to see where value is generated.

For the audit question: as others have said, at a minimum consider ISO 9001 clauses 7.4 and 8.2. If the Marketing department gets involved in customer feedback, handling complaints and doing root cause & corrective action, then you would also need to look at the relevant clauses.
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