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Where does the Lean Manufacturing philosophy / tool set come from?



5S to me should be kept as simple as the process suggests.
1. Sort.
If in doubt through it out. Red taggin system is cumbersome and require more resource and will not bring the business forward.
2. Set in order
It is imperative that some planning is involved and will bind with next step shine,
3. Shine
Clean things up and have a clean as you go approach.
4. Standardise
This is where most people stumble as everyone needs to be involved and processes has to be defined.
5. Sustain - Setting up check list, monitoring and address adverse trends.

If the 5S is supported from the Top and the Floor gets involved it can go along way.
It is a waste of time if the business as a whole does not support the concept.

Lean manufacturing to me is having processe in place that monitor waste, overfills and downtime and try to get the most of production within reason that produces a Quality Product that meet the customer requirements every time in cost effective way.

How this is done varies on the size of the business and the tool available to measure output.

Not much of an answer just me rambling on.:cool:

Look into Kaizen and TPM
These method does not leave a stone unturned and every grey area of the business is scrutinized. Massive resource are required if the processes are nor define already,

Just practicing typing really. Time to eat and a little unwooded Chardonnay and some stir fry.
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