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Where I can get a copy of either the 3rd or 4th edition of UL544?

Yes, it is obsolete and 20 years old. But does anyone out there know where I can get a copy of either the 3rd or 4th edition of UL544. The 2nd version was in force as of the date of interest for my project, early 1991. Although I have the 2nd edition (dated July 7 1976(!) and the revisions up to Apr 4, 1983, it would be better if I knew what was in force as of early 1991. The 3rd edition would be very helpful (1993). I would even be happy to see the 4th edition (1998). I am happy to pay for anything that any of you may have that you think would help me out. Just can't find what I need ANYWHERE. [UL - no go, - spoke with them and no go....]

John Broomfield

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On my iPad I can read all 122 pages of the entire document in English.

It I try to save the doc as a .pdf all I get is the current page.

No joy with Kindle (nothing) and Books (just two pages).

What device are you using?
got a windows 10 desktop, but no time right now. Gotta run to an appointment. Is there a way to pay the site for the entire file? I have adobe acrobat, although that may not help. Will check back on the forum around 3:30 Pacific. Gotta run. Thanks
John, After much frustration and hand-wringing, I used Google Chrome and grabbed the pages ONE AT A TIME with a snipping tool. Then combined, converted to pdf and OCR'd. I was successful, but the quality is not terrific... but adequate. Thanks for your assistance Whew!
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