Where to get started on DFM / DFMA


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Any place to get started with DFM / DFMA concepts, I've googled extensively all I can see is plush schools trying to charge thousands , looking for something free to later scale into a actual certification when deemed necessary.

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Some additional ideas "to get started" are:

- Blogs and Youtube videos sometimes offer very detailed, good explanations
- Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) from Coursera or others,
- online engineering courses at big universities, such as MIT, are sometimes free to watch or attend (if you don't want college credit)
- textbooks (you can usually buy old edition or used textbooks for 50-90% discount off of this year's price),
- local chapter of Society of Manufacturing Engineers or other professional societies, may offer or know of training or other opportunities
- websites of SME, and organizations devoted to Lean, Six Sigma, etc may sell books or webinars that are exactly what you seek (for a cost)
- the engineering faculty from the college you graduated from may have other contacts or ideas,
- network with engineers who work at local industry to find additional resources or a mentor to guide you in your learning.

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An example of what you can find through universities.

Note: Focus on one approach first. Is your business primarily assembly or is it manufacturing (transformative, e.g., machining, casting, stamping, etc.)? Let that drive your focus between DFA or DFM. DFA principles for manual assembly are fairly generic, but does specialize when it comes to PCBA assembly. DFM is specialized based on the type of process, so focus on the DFM for your major processes.
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