Which ISO 9001:2000 Document Control System software? Your opinions / experience?



Hi all, I'm new and in need of some inputs! Would really appreciate is anyone can provide me with some leads on a good ISO9001:2000 Document Control software that can be bought off the shelf?

My company is a corporate management office (all you see is cubicles and offices when you step in) that's ISO9001 certified. As our scope of work/ functions has expanded, we are now seriously looking into "automating" our QMS. Our office is situated at two location, however internet connectivity is largely available. In short we hope to invest is a system that will improve our effectiveness and ease our expansion of scope. Any advice? Thanks a bunch!

Sara Lynn


The top competitors for Quality Software are:

Integral solutions (access, Oracle or SQL based)- completly characteristic driven, very strengent protocal, inability to view documents as you go, Forces you to create the Process Flow first, then the FMEA and then the Control Plan, no flexibility. Positives: Forces you to be thorough on filling in your documents, offers PPAPs, all Problem solving (8,5,7), open structure, allowing you to create quiries of your own.

Aqua (Omnix)- Built in Fox Pro- Very difficult to use, not well at interfacing with other products, printouts are slow and time consuming to run. Typically buggy and difficult to receive technical support. Positives: Allows you to see the form as you are creating it.

PowerWay- Can't really think of too many positives for that one.

Harpco- Very regulated, requires complete setup and once information is in, it can't be moved. Any upgrades, requires Mr. Harpster or one of his associate to come into the facility to upgrade. Does not interface with any other programs. Positive. advertises that you will never have to write another FMEA again.

PSI- Bytworks2- I dont' know much about this one, it was recently adopted by Ford Globaly. Down fall, it only provides FMEA's.

PLATO-AG- A very agressive tool, that can be difficult to manipulate without training. Costly. Positive, it is built on it's own database. Can be used on almost any server. Allows you to view the information in form mode. Allows for imports from Excell and export to Word and excell. Maintains Strings of information that can be accessed individually for in its entirity. Allows direct communication between team members by attaching to email source. 70 different securities, Provides Parato charts and RPN analysis with graphs. Extensive search abilities. Internal archive.
(This software has been adapted by both GM and Delphi globally)

These are the ones I can tell you about off the top of my head. There are a few more, I just haven't researched them as much.

Good Luck.

PS. I have contact information for all of these companies if you wish.

Sara Lynn

Q-Plus is another product, I think the CEO's name is Tim Burke, he use to be involved with the owners of ISI and then branched off on his own. I have really never considered Q-Plus as a top competitor, but of course, you should check out all possibilities. There is another software company out of Cleveland OH, QSI I believe and they offer an almost complete system from ERP to APQP. I can't testify to the quality, but I do know they came out rather pricey.

Bill Ryan - 2007


Just an expansion on Sara's comments for the Harpco software.

We use the software and I swear by it. It is very methodical and forces you to "do it right". It is not very user friendly but once it is "mastered" is the finest software I have come across.

As with any software there are some upgrades which I would like to see and some of those have actually been implemented in newer releases.

Sara is correct in that the software does not interface with any other programs. Support is not one of their strongpoints. Their claim of "never having to write another FMEA couldn't be further from the truth unless your products are processed in exactly the same manner (I work for a die casting/machining house and I need to start over with just about every part we make).

Didn't mean to get on a "soapbox" but, it's Friday.



What about Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server? It is not specific to QMS but is it is a highly efective document system that interfaces well with all the MS products. We're in the midst of converting to it for ISO doc control.
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