Which path to take? ISO 9001 to TS 16949

How would you approach the upgrade?

  • ISO9000:1994 - ISO9000:2000 - TS16949

    Votes: 4 66.7%
  • ISO9000:1994 - QS9000 - TS16949

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • ISO9000:1994 - ISO9000:2000 and automotives as needed by customer.

    Votes: 2 33.3%

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Laura M


Company is currently ISO:9000, 1994. They are B3 Tier 2. One automotive customer has been pushing for QS for about 2 years. They've been able to "stall."

Recognizing the impending upgrade to 2000, they have a decision to make.

A. Upgrade to 2000, then to the TS document when release to Y2K.
B. Continue on the path to QS recognizing the impending upgrade to TS.
C. Just to ISO 2000 with automotive requirements as needed by customer. (TS compliant without the cert)

Note: Assumption made (by me) that taking on TS all at once isn't feasible.
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Aaron Lupo

As you know QS is intended for Tier 1 companies only, tier 2' s should be ISO certified unless their customer requests otherwise. Customer requests supersede QS-9000 requirements. The scenario described 9001:2000 with customer specific requirements is the best option.

If their customer says they must upgrade to an automotive standard I would suggest they get certified to the current version of TS. If their plans are to be certified toward the end of 2002 then they should wait until the next version of TS comes out in March and go for that.



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> As you know QS is intended for Tier 1 companies only, tier
> 2' s should be ISO certified unless their customer
> requests otherwise.

Intended is the key word. It's been passed down as a requirement for some years (part of supplier development). The 'big 3' may only require QS-9000 registration of their immediate suppiers (Tier I), but tier 1's have passed it down. The second tiers require it of their suppliers in many cases. Part of the game.

Curt de Mich



we are currently ISO9000 1994 waiting on 2000 certification audit. I have also had a customer pushing for QS9000 compliance. My thoughts are wait for the latest TS and go for that.


Curt :bigwave:


My 2c

I'd Go with choice C. Upgrade to 2000 with Automotive as needed.

Your customer may rattle about QS-TS, but with the ISO you are compliant with the QS requirement for subcontractor development as sanctioned in July.
They may groan about it but as long as you are supplying quality products and service, they would be hard pressed to drop you as a supplier


((Sanctioned interpretation of July))
“Goal of subcontractor compliance” requires subcontractors to achieve compliance within a defined period of time not to exceed 18 months from the effective date of this sanctioned interpretation. Minimum subcontractor compliance shall be certification by an accredited certification body to a current version of the ISO 9000 Quality Management Series of Standards, excluding ISO 9003; plus any requirements specified by the customer. Assessment by an OEM or an OEM approved second party will be recognized as meeting subcontractor compliance requirements to
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