Which Quality Approach - Standards, Six Sigma, zero defect, Continuous improvement


David Mullins

How many different quality approaches are there, and what are there names?

Could members please consider this question and add to the list.

To start with, lets say:
1. "The Standards Approach" (ISO/QS/TL/AS/etc)
2. "Regulatory", as in drugs, medicines, foodstuffs, etc.
3. TQM

Then all the other bits like 5S, zero defect, Continuous improvement (and however many variations there are on that theme), Kaisen, Deming approach, ???????????

I suppose the additional question is, which are approaches and which are merely tools?


Don Winton

…which are approaches and which are merely tools?
An argument could be made that all are tools. Even TQM, in and of itself is just a collection of different tools coupled with a philosophy.

Some would also argue that the regulatory item is not quality at all. Having dealt with the FDA end of it, I would tend to agree, in part. The QSR, just as ISO 900x, does not guarantee quality of product, just that the system be documented. However, the FDA inspections take differing approaches to inspections.

I guess whether the items in question differ between a tool and an approach depends on how the organization in question implements them.



David Mullins

Thanks Don, I even went to your web site before asking the original question, just to see if there were any readily apparent answers there. (given the Wiz that you are)

What I'm after is a list of quality philsophies that can be applied.

What I'd like to do is to be armed with a quiver of the sum total of quality philosophies that can then be thrown on the table and individual organisations cn be shown how these could work for them, and which one will give them the results they are after, considering cost, time, customer requirements, company culture, etc.

I'm not a consultant. I am a keen quality practitioner who would like to go to a prospective employer with a well rounded understanding of models/practices/philosophies that can be used.

Does anyone have such a list that I can build on?


Andy Bassett

Hello David

I like where you are coming from on this issue, and i have an idea where you are going.

For example, sometimes i am in a position where i can offer companies the choice between implementing ISO or the Business Excellence Model (Baldridge to you). I then explain how the different models can suit different organisations ie
BEM suits companies with a very open cultural environment where the management and staff are comfortable with soft issues like 360 Degree Appraisals etc.
ISO suits highly structured (probably manufacturing environments) where the staff are more comfortable with clear defined guidelines.

Let me know if you want any further cooperation.

Andy B
Marc said:
Any contemporary comments / opinions?
Well.. Perhaps that there are very few genuinely new things under the sun. New names and buzz-words, yes, but the basic tools and approaches seem to remain the same.

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