Which service provider do you recommend for IRCA lead auditor course? Singapore



Hello everybody,

Stumble upon this forum, and wonder if anyone can give me 2 cents worth. I'm from Singapore and will be signing up for lead auditor QMS course.

I couldn't able to make my mind on the following 2 options:

Singapore Quality Insititue



Should I have choose the cheaper one?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Which service provider for IRCA lead auditor course?

Welcome! We're glad you stumbled here!

Never choose on price (alone). A CB isn't necessarily the place to learn how to be an auditor. Find out what the feedback/customer satisfaction is for the course providers. SQI might be a more well rounded viewpoint of auditing - do some research.


Re: Which service provider for IRCA lead auditor course?

what a fast reply! :)

I took my Certified Quality Manager from SQI, and I personally know the trainer for QMS lead auditor, as he is my company external auditor.

But TUV-SUD is a more recognized brand. And i thought it might look better in some ways.

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