Who is performing quality control?


Tier 1 company we have to organize our production and the main question is who is doing the quality control, the operator or quality control person? I don`t want to put quality control officer on each machine as paw patrol for the operators. We have laboratory performing some type of test that's already define, but visual inspection, some simple tests, length measurement etc. can be assured by the operator. Will be glad if some of you can give me examples.

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The easy/simple answer is BOTH. The machine operator is responsible for assuring product quality according to the quality assurance plan (control plan, inspection sheets, etc) which have been created.
The quality team member is responsible for auditing/verifying the actions of the operators, ensuring that they are correctly performing the assessments (does the gauge work, is it calibrated, do they know how to use it?).
Quality is the responsibility of everyone, not just one person or group.

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Good day @m125qv36 ;

This decision should be strategically set by leadership, and then the determination of WHICH operator(s) WHICH characteristics at WHAT stages can be determined at a more tactical level.

I assume there is a control plan. This tool (an output of your PFMEA) should identify what is measured at what stages.

It is indeed typical for point of work equipment and/or operators to perform verification but it is not possible for 'us" (we simply do not know your processes, their criticality, the risks, the competency, etc..etc..) to determine this for you and your organization.

Do you have a specific process/characteristic question ?

Hope this helps.
Be well.
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