Who Knows The Council Fire Secret?


Fully vaccinated are you?
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> You know that business about the counsel fires is still
> in my head. I'm pretty sure Steve Buck means it when
> he says he'll take the secret to his grave. But I
> think a tell-all book should include the secret. I
> mean, there are only a couple of ways it could have
> been accomplished. And the medicine man was always
> mysteriously away at the magic moment. I do remember
> sneaking up to the circle a couple of times to sneak a
> peek inside the teepee. No luck. I don't remember
> seeing any incriminating gas knobs or fuse pits or
> anything else that could explain the secret.
> Obviously the incriminating gear was removed after each
> counsel fire (probably stored in the craft shop on top
> of the high behind).

Someone MUST know. I've long wondered how they did that. I was a 'peeker', too, but didn't see anything.
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O.K., the secret of the camp fire is known by at least two living people - Steve Buckingham and Richard Harnsberger. Richard shared his information with the Haussers, but we prefer to continue beliving that it had more to do with the increasing drum beat! (To know the secret would be as dissappointing as finding out about Santa claus, the tooth fierry, or the easter bunny!)

You may remember how it was stressed that your indian blanket NOT drag on the ground as you entered the council area!

I, too, rooted around the fire pit, as have many others apparently, searching for wires, etc. I never figured it out either.


I'd have to see the mechanics of the fire lighting procedure-in broad daylight-before I could actually believe how it worked. Noble Hill must have known the technique ahead of Coach Roskie. I think it better that it remain a mystery. George Hausser

Strong Bow

I agree with our newest alumni, Steve Rathford - let the magic of the Council Fire remain just that. If I didn't need to know then, I don't need to know now.

Murdoch Campbell

Council Fire Mystery

Contrary to "popular" opinion, I NEED TO KNOW. Those of you who pontificate that the fire mystery should remain a secret, already are in the know. EASY FOR YOU TO SAY!

Strong Bow

I don't know and I don't need to. The only fire lighting that wasn't a mystery was the arrow on the wire.


Doc, If you found out the secret of the council fire lighting you would have the same empty
feeling you got when you found out about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth
fairy. I remember 50 years ago sneaking into the council ring (as I expect many others of
us also did) and digging through the ashes and searching through the teepee for clues.

Murdoch Campbell

WHAT!!!! There's no Santa Claus nor Easter Bunny??!!?? Now that you've shattered those long standing beliefs, you might as well fill me in on the mystery of the magic council fire.


The "fire" continues???

From Dave Wallace:

I will send out a welcome to everyone once I get the other two brothers, but I just found Andy Struebing who started at Tosebo in 65 and was eventually the Medicine Man at the LAST Council Fire and he has the coals from that Council Fire in the turtle shell that was used each year to the next year. Amazing!!! Had dinner with Larry Meyer last week in Onekema - he was here to work on his "project." Later Dave
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