Who Moved My Cheese - Review - "An A-Mazing way to Deal with Change"


Jim Biz

Here's hoping everyone that sees the title of this thread is as INTRIGUED as I was!!

Fact: Mrs Biz left for a full week of training this Monday...

In her travles she had brought hme a VERY SMALL book that I found when I was doing my Home-body "Honey-Do's"

The title caught My eye - simply it said

What I found in a very quick read through - is information that can be applied to many threads in the COVE.

--- Changing cultures- civility - humor - Top level Mangement commitment et.all. >> The book is written by the same folks that produced "One Miniute Manager" (Spencer Johnson, MD is the main author - Kenneth Blanchard Ph.D has provided the foreward.

"CHEESE" as it turns out is a metaphore for all the Good things we individually expect to find in our workplaces & in our personal life as well...

The Cover insert reads.. like this:

An A-Mazing way to Deal with Change

A simple parable revealing profond truths about change and how we deal with it. Amusing/ enlightning of 4 "characters" - live in a MAZE looking for Cheese to nourish them and make them happy

Sniff & Scurry are lowerlevel mice and HEM & HAW are little people the size of mice that are all looking for the Cheese in their lives.

Cheese as it turns out is a symbol of everything/anything that each of them feels is good... A job, A relationship, money, a possession, health, or peace of mind.

THE MAZE is where they look for what they want (could be where we work, were we live, or our families, or community)

The characters are facedwith "UNEXPECTED CHANGE" and the 94 page book (in large bold type) leads the reader through how each character reacts to change - when their personal Cheese is moved without their prior knowledge or without any control at all.

ISBN number 0-399-14446-3
US$19.95 per copy

Website www.whomovedmycheese.com

This takes about 1 hour to read start to finish (the use/understanding an application of what it contains is well worth anyones time).
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Good Book!


I've read the book and since bought the audio version. I have also recommended it to friends, especially those who find themselves changing jobs or needing to.

Hank Fowler

Jim Biz

Wonderment ??

Hank - Did you find it to be as "down to earth & interesting as I did"?

And just from a curious viewpoint - which character are you "most of the time"?? ;) I found myself to be a cross between Haw & Scurry :bigwave:

Atul Khandekar

A good book. Made an absorbing reading the first time I read it a few months back. On second reading after a while, however, I thought it had a rather over-simplified, naive representation of characters.
Just my personal opinion.

Jim Biz

Atul: Guess I figured the obvious over-smplification was one of the best parts of it from a K.I.S.S. outlook.

Doubt that anyone reading it could not > on any given day < figure out which character his co-worker was playing :rolleyes:

Jim, I thought the book was a great read. It may be oversimplified but it helped me see how some of my co-workers are. You just have to laugh when you see how some are protecting their cheese. Great book!



I too seem to be a cross between "Haw and Scurry". Like staying too long in a situation that I know is headed nowhere and finally deciding to make a change for the better. I wonder if anyone has seen the movie?



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Good book, gave it to my 6th grader to read, she took it to school, the teacher asked to read it and then read it to the entire class. Another one with this same type of format but not as good is WI$DOM ON THE GREEN isbn 0-9713222-0-1 which is centered around golf and six sigma. One of the authors is involved in a seminar at Indianapolis In. You can check the seminar out at www.reciprocalonline.com. I would liked to have went buuuut THE AUDITORS ARE COMING.
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Atul Khandekar

What do you think is the Moral of the Story?

I read the book once again. Parables will almost always be simplistic, I agree, because that's the way they are supposed to be. You may be tempted to put yourself and those around you into one of those slots. But real life situations can be a bit more complex (like a cross between one and the other). I have had my cheese moved at least once in my life (unfortunately it was much before this book was published :)) There has also been an occasion when I have got fed up of the cheese I was having and willfully went in search of another!

Anyway, Here's a question:
If you were asked to summarize the message or the moral of the story in one sentence, how would you put it?

And here's my take: Never be complacent in any situation.
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Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
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My take:

For the person being exposed for the first time to a Change Model, I think most will find the parable easy to understand and entertaining.

For the person aware of a change model, it will reaffirm ones understanding. I think that they will still find the parable entertaining and a decent reference.

From my perspective, Johnson and Blanchard overlook one very important distinction: Cyclical change and Structural change. This oversight for me makes the story incomplete. But then again, I may be too fussy!!!


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