Why do suppliers submit bad parts // Quality Incoming Inspection


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Yes, and no one should ever steal, or commit adultery, or assault anyone, or drink and drive, or ......

I'll bet your company's customers get a bad part now and then. What do those "people in your organization" think is the cause of that?

Sure, we should all be trying to continually improve and work toward not needing any receiving inspection, and rarely certain companies can do it, and if you can, that's great.
Exactly what I was going to say, Mike S.! :agree:


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I often see suppliers with an ineffective Quality Management System sending parts that aren't acceptable. They don't follow their own processes and controls.


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Incoming inspection can catch mistakes where actions by your company are a significant factor.

Sometimes you receive "bad" parts because there is more than one way to interpret the requirements. The supplier misses the customer's interpretation the same way your design engineer missed the supplier's interpretation. The supplier is sending what they believe to be correct.

Or the requirement is listed in two places with different requirements and nobody until incoming inspection catches the problem.

Another reason for incoming inspection is that your buyer messes up and sends the wrong print version and the supplier does not notice or is told by the buyer to build to the print sent. A doc control mistake that is corrected before the parts are received can have the same result.


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Thanks for your reply. This is always my answer, but the people in my organization still argues the fact that suppliers should never have any defects. So my question is how do I best respond to their "Why are they sending bad parts" differently that helps sell the need for quality?
Why are they sending bad parts....... they don't want to do it on purpose, but it might happen when some incidence happened.
just image you will have to catch a flight at morning, of course you don't want to miss it, but will you also set an alarm to remind you?
sorry for my rust English
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