Why get certified to ISO 9001?


Anton Ovsianko

Do not get me wrong. I know, why companies should get certified under ISO 9001 and the like. I've been carrying out a survey regarding motivation of Russian companies addressing to ISO 9000 standards. I also know common arguments of American and European ISO consultants and registrars.

However I feel, that Russian companies have other motifs than Western do.
Results of my survey in St.Petersburg have shown that there are 6 main types of organizations applying ISO 9000:

1. Companies, seeking export advantages through being certified;
2. Companies getting certified to become suppliers of major foreign manufacturers in Russia (like Philip Morris, Lucent Technologies etc).
3. Companies getting certified in order to improve their image in the local markets (because it's cool!:biglaugh: ).
4. Companies using ISO 9000 in order to introduce regular management procedures and improve their efficiency.
5. Companies, using ISO 9000 and getting certified in order to provide for better quality of their products and services
6. Branches of foreign companies, getting certified in line with global corporate policies or recomendations from foreign head offices.

There is a lot more findings in what we have been doing. Sorry it has been published in Russian only.

I am very much interested in going more comparative. Therefore I would very much appreciate any comments on what motivation your companies did have when deciding to get prepared and certified under ISO 9000. Why did you decide to do that? What aims did you pursue?

Any links or references on older threads or other resources are also very much welcome.

Thank you all,

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Jim Biz


Our "motivation" was fairly simple - Customer requirement -
We were informed that "before XX date" all of their suppliers would be registered. - no registration - no customer.

Might try a search here using the words Certification or Motivation or Benefit.


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new customers

Our "motivation" was customer driven also.

We did not have any customer requirements to do so, but most new customer's we called on wouldn't even talk to us without being certified.

I bet many would respond in this way.

Personally, I have found no benefit to having gone through the certification process. We already had a great system that worked well. We just needed to add a few things - which, IMHO, added abolutely no value - and we were done.

Take a look at this thread....

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An extensive conversation on self-declaration to the standard.


Alf Gulford

It's much easier and cheaper to apply the CE mark for European sales by being registered to a recognized quality system (read ISO 9000) than to not be registered and have to have product tested.

Along the way we also improved our systems.



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Our reason for registration is to:
increase quality and awareness
increase our markets and their share
The 1st is somewhat successful, the 2nd too some extent

Anton Ovsianko


Thank you for the response.
In general I learned what I expected to learn. My Hypothesis was true. :smokin: But now I am assured by some 'original' comments.
By the way, It would also be interesting to look at the profile of you companies and compare motivation by profile.




Benchmarking Thread


There is a good cross section of the types of companies in a thread called "Who are we?, in the "Benchmark Topic". It won't show the motivation for being or pursuing ISO, but, it may be helpful, if not interesting.:smokin:




I would keep posting here as there are more new members. I'm sure Al D. can come up with Rev. 1 if there is substantial input. He's that kind of guy!:D Anybody else? :smokin:

Al Dyer


I'm up for the game, the more input the better. What would help me is some input on what people want to see or which questions had no value to the board.

As always, if you don't want to post to the board just e-mail me!
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