Why is the IRCA withdrawing from Aerospace Auditor Approval?


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Does any one have the inside story why IRCA is withdrawing from aerospace auditor approval?

Is it voluntary or under compulsion?

RABQSA has already stopped transferring IRCA auditors.

Sidney Vianna

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Joy, I had created this thread and also a discussion in the LinkedIn AS9100C Tips Group. I don't know the reasons behind the change, but I suspect that it will affect many Aerospace auditors, currently authenticated with IRCA.

The whole process for aerospace auditor authentication is under review by the IAQG OPMT team and the future version of AS9104-3 might bring some significant changes.


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One of my friends recently received an email from RABQSA for QMS certification for renewal. Certification cost has spiked from US240 to 310. Wonder whether he can have the QMS cert with IRCA & AS cert with RABQSA? Any alternate AS auditor certification body other than RABQSA?