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Why Quality functions (QA, QC) should act independently


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Dear all,

I would need your support in finding a way to argue towards top management why Quality functions (QA, QC) basically should act independently in the organisation.

Do you have any useful approach, useful information, useful benchmark, etc. ??

Any hint will be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

BR Aphel

John Broomfield

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By using and improving their process-based management system the organization delivers confidence that requirements will be fulfilled.

QA has to remain independent to impartially and objectively audit the effectiveness of this system.

By designing, controlling and improving their processes the process teams control quality.

As part of this system, QC provides the necessary training and tools for process teams to do this well.

QC used to be separate from production but these days is an integral part of production just as it always was with design.

QA/QC suggest they are joined but this term has long been recognized as the misnomer it is.



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in a sentence or have a chance of attaining and maintaining, unfettered, unbiased objectivity. After an issue or problem is identified (with solution(s) by QC/QA, the function may in fact be overridden by others - Optomist1
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