Will NASDAQ be requiring ISO 9000?



Hi all,

I've been asked to confirm or deny that the NASDAQ has announced its requirement of all NASDAQ listed companies to be ISO 9000 registered.... I knew that the NASDAQ itself was registered by TUV over the summer, but I can't find any news about the NASDAQ mandating companies to be registered....

Have any of you heard about a mandate?

Any insight, either confirming or denying, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Kevin Mader

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Sorry Shannon, but I haven't heard. Our organization is registered with TUV and I seem to recall a Nasdaq headline, but I don't know the details. You may want to browse the TUV web site to see if your answer is there.

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Thanks anyway, Kevin. I think the headline you're thinking of regarded TUV registering the NASDAQ compliant to ISO 9000 this past summer.

E Wall

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Shannon...How bizzare! And we all thought the Auto group was being picky! Sorry, I am just having a chuckle at all the companies that may be facing a deadline to certify or else....talk about making $$$$$$ if you are a consultant! Whooooo-eeeee

On the serious side...I'd like to hear what you uncover on this one, please keep us posted.

Regards, Eileen

Aaron Lupo

Shannon, I have heard the exact same thing I have an article and I do believe the Executive Vice President of the NASDAQ said they were considering making it a requirement to be ISO certified to be listed. If this happens watch out you will see a very large jump in the number of companies needing ISO certification. Not only would that open more jobs with the registrars it would also open a large number of jobs in the quality feild overall. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one it could open some big oppurtunities!!


Hi ISO Guy,

You reference an article in your reply that is in regards to this issue. Can you provide a link to the article, or is it possible to cut & paste its contents?


Aaron Lupo

Here is the article of which I spoke.


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ISO Guy,

Thanks for posting that doc. Would you happen to know what newspaper or publication that was in? It doesn't read like a news story to me. It reads more like an ad or something... Perhaps someone in QMS registration sales somewhere is trying to start a buzz in the hopes of getting more business in this economical downturn.

Anyway, without a proper reference point (publication name or by-line), I can't lend it much credence. If you can shine more light on it that would be terrific. If not, thanks for your effort anyway.

Has anyone else read about this anywhere?


Al Dyer

Is it time to bring up ISO (U.N.), conspiracy, N.W.O., and the real reason to ensure that all companies have a systematic method of business that can be controlled or taken over by outsiders with little adverse affect on the economy and production of goods and services?

:D :) :rolleyes:

Aaron Lupo

It was in the Quality Managers July 20, 2001 Issue. That was the first and only article that I have seen on this so far. I have tried to confirm this story but have been unable to to makes you wonder a little.
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