Interesting Discussion Will the IAQG go the IATF way and bypass the Accreditation Bodies?

Sidney Vianna

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Looking at the list of recognized Accreditation Bodies under the IAQG oversight process, makes me think about the possibility that the IAQG might follow the path that the IATF OEM's took many years ago and bypass the accreditation bodies in their scheme. The IAQG OEM's, just like everyone else, have limited resources to perform oversight of all the parties involved, such as accreditation bodies, certification bodies, training providers, etc. and I am sure some of the people involved with the scheme might be wondering how some bodies with highly questionable performance have been allowed in the list of recognized parties.

There are reasons for the automotive industry to contract directly with certification bodies, instead of allowing the accreditation bodies a role in the IATF 16949 certification process. Maybe the Aviation, Space & Defense sector should learn something from that decision.

It has been a long time since I left my role as part of the leadership team at the AAQG, but, back then, some of the heavy hitters realized that several AB's had a history of totally missing in action, with the records showing they had never ever suspended nor revoked a CB accreditation, while a few had a history of doing their jobs. Since the IAQG wants a global, robust and credible scheme for certification of it's supply chain to the aerospace standards, they realize the tremendous disparity in AB's performance and seriousness around the world is a risk to the recognition and confidence by regulators such as FAA, EASA, etc....
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