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Will you have an Internet Connected (IoT) Toilet?


Captain Nice
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While linked article is about icons for "high tech" toilets, I have standard porcelain gravity flush toilets. With so many things going "health", including monitoring a person's time sleeping, I wonder if/when monitoring of "discharges" by toilets and smart phones will come to be commonplace.

Anyway, I found this article interesting and a bit amusing.

High-tech toilets in Japan getting standardized icons

So - What's in your future for toilets?

From the Ars discussion re: the above graphic:

"This is how normal lids work, If lid stuck midway wiggle a bit, press for typhoon, press for tornado, let the girls breathe a bit, press to recreate sewer scene from The Goonies, wind stone symbol from Fifth Element, and the last one drew a blank. That's a symbol for stop? Who knew."
Disclaimer - I wear a Fitbit pedometer which has an accelerometer and altimeter but doesn't measure heart rate or blood pressure. I also have a simple "rear" bidet and love it.


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If my toilet's not connected to the Internet how will I possibly know when to buy more toilet paper? :confused:

I lived in Japan for a couple of years, so I can (mostly) read what the text says under the icons. My confusion is what's the difference between the 5th icon (oshiri=butt) and the 6th icon (bide=bidet).


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Wait until THAT gets hacked.... seriously, internet speeds capable of these things do not exist in large areas of this country. I am still working dial up speeds even though I have a "DSL" high speed connection. When your area is all copper wired, thats what is available. Satellite is not much faster.
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