Wind Turbine Blade Attribute Gage R&R Study


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I am planning to perform a Attribute gage R&R study. The part in question is a wind turbine blade. The blade is 40 meter long and is produced by gluing the two half shells together. The test characteristics is weather a particular area in blade misses glue or not. First the inspector perform a thermograph test with the help of a Infra Red (IR) gun and take one picture after one meter from each side of the blade (80 pictures in total, see attached picture). After which the pictures are analysed visually and inspector decides an area as Pass(glue present) or fail (glue misses). Due to technical reasons the blade must be tested within one hour after bonding.

I am planning to involve two operators to perform the test, after taking pictures, each inspector will mark each picture as pass/fail and each picture will represent as one sample (80 samples in total). Due to time restrictions the pictures will be taken only once and for repeatability measurement the pictures will be randomized and inspected by inspectors again. The blade consists of parts which are absolute good, absolute bad or based on subjective decision and there is no standard to compare the results to. I have and Excel sheet which can analyse the Attribute Gage R&R study. Can anyone give me suggestions on my study.:bigwave:


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You state that you have an Excel spreadsheet set up for this study. Would you mind posting it here, so people can see it?

Can anyone provide some assistance to the poster on this one?


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This is an old thread that popped up recently (long story). Is there anyone here who can help out?
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