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Windows 8.1: No Security Updates Without Update 1

Jim Wynne

Super Moderator
Coming on the heels of the expiration of support for Windows XP, Microsoft has announced that users of Windows 8.1 who have not installed the newly-released Update 1 will no longer get security and other updates starting next month.

Update 1, released last week, is what MS has heretofore called a service pack. It includes several notable improvements for mouse-and-keyboard users, things that should have been there from the beginning. The crazy thing is that if users haven't upgraded to 8.1 (i.e., users with the original Windows 8), they will keep getting security updates as though nothing has happened.

From Forbes:
Microsoft Abandons Windows 8.1


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I am still perfectly happy with my XP. Software compatibility issues prevent us from upgrading to Win 8 anyway. I am hoping that some private organization will offer updates to XP someday....

Jim Wynne

Super Moderator
Typical Microsoft.
The whole Windows 8 rollout has been a terrible mess, and they seem to just be making it worse. I think they have the bones of a very good product. Although I was like many people in my initial frustration with 8, I think that it's better than its predecessors in several significant ways. It will be very interesting to see what Windows 9 looks like.
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