Winds hit Nevada, US - 6 February 2015


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Wind this evening is expected to hit 50-70 MPH on the valley floor and is hitting 130 over the mountains.

A storm is suppose to be approaching, but I will not believe that until I see it. Here is a link to a local 'news article'.


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Got the standard 'fence' damage and a few power lines blew down. Fortunately it also brought (much needed) rain so when the power lines blew down the ground was wet. We are so dry around here that without the rain, we could have gone up like a torch.

I saw on the new that a community in California was hit with a fire and 50-75 mph winds. The damage was quick and severe.


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Currently the Round Fire in the Sierra Nevada, 7000 acres, is 95% contained. I believe that was the fire referenced just below.


Sorry to hear about the weather woes out in Western US. Here in New England we have snow to spare! Help yourselves to as much as you want :)
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