Wire harness PPAPs

I’ve worked with machined parts from small companies (no ppaps) to automotive and medical requiring Level 4s. 18 years of machined paperwork experience. However I’m inquiring on this forum if anyone can direct me or inform me or even show me what a wire harness PPAP
would look like. I have zero experience with wire harnesses and would like to know if they can be more or less complex then what a typical level 4 machined part PPAP requires. I understand each company has Their own specific requirements and/or per the AIAG standard.

In this particular case, my new role is to validate PPAPS from an AS9100 regulated company pertaining to wire harnesses. ANY info would be greatly appreciated.


I think firstly we must define the product for which the PPAP is submitted since the documentation package can vary.
Are we talking about an actual harness (wire + connectors, terminals seals etc) or only wires and cables?
I the first case is applicable, the documentation package is similar to a level 3 or 4 depending on the customer requirements.
We should have the coversheet, specification (drawing) complete measurement report, control plan, fmea, capability reports (if applicable), material certificates-or component releases, part history. To these documents we also add samples for review/dimensional checks.
If we are talking about wires and cables, the documentation package can be more similar to a level 2. In some cases validation data or specific test reports are also included.

I hope this info helps.
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