Witty (snarky?) Responses: Always have one prepared


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As some of you may have noticed I travel in some dysfunctional territories.

I bring my own baggage, no denying it.

I think a QA professional in such a position should always have a couple of canned responses ready for those moments - you know which moments I mean.

Today's is:

" There is no Santa Claus, I am not the Tooth Fairy, and Bambi's mom DOES die. If the person in the QA Manager role only tells you things you like hearing, they are not doing their job ".

Yup, it's one of those days .... again. :bonk:
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Do you keep the large economy size bottle of Tylenol/Advil/Aleve/aspirin in your desk drawer? When I worked in automotive, I popped those daily. Not so much now.


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You mean you can see it from where you're at? I didn't think it was THAT large ....

Retirement won't happen for me, but my fantasy involves finding a relatively low dysfunction outfit close to home. The closer it is, the smaller the second motorcycle can be :lol:

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" There is no Santa Claus, I am not the Tooth Fairy, and Bambi's mom DOES die. If the person in the QA Manager role only tells you things you like hearing, they are not doing their job ".
Are you saying that your adversaries actually stand there and listen to the whole thing?... If they do, you can at least be thankful for the patience / courtesy around you...
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