Worst measuring equipment ever?

A big DIY provider in Sweden have pulled back a batch of Vernier Calipers. They were a wee bit of the mark... like 5 mm in 100 mm off! How is that even possible? :mg:
It was detected by a bloke running a small welding company, and he was somewhat shaken, saying - I would have gone bankrupt if we had had not seen this in time.

So, perhaps it is not such a hot idea to buy measuring equipment for professional use from a DIY shop, and perhaps calibration is not such a bad idea. :rolleyes:


  • Worst measuring equipment ever?
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Well I thought that was it. But we have some locations in Sweden, I was hoping to alert them with a company name?
The company in question is Jula (this mishap has already been all over domestic news, so I can safely post the name now), and in all fairness they also have a lot of good products.
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