Would the customer drawing change necessitate re-PPAP of the Product?


I am a beginner to the quality organization and working for an automotive Tier 1 supplier.
I understand whenever we have changes on F-F-F, the PPAP should be redone.
Lately, our customer insisted on a few changes on the product variant-A and added a few dimensions in the customer drawing.
The customer drawing is a tabled drawing that drives two different product variants (Variant-A and Variant-B).
It’s clear that the PPAP must be redone for Variant-A due to FFF-related changes.
Since the customer drawing has changed, would it also necessitate re-PPAP of variant-B?
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I see it's design/ engineering change ,new part approval could be done , you should initially refer to automotive customer, the new approval of the this change is protecting you in future ; specially if there's service centers could be part of this historical changes

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The 'easy' answer is that if there is a print revision, then a new PPAP is required. However, if the change only affects ONE variant of the two which are shown on the drawing, then there is (essentially) no change to the first variant.

IMHO, you should submit a full Lvl 3 PPAP on the B variant (which is changed) and a Lvl 4 PPAP (with concurrence from the customer that ONLY a warrant is required - none of the other 'required' items will be submitted OR retained).

Your customer has the final say in what is required for any type of print revision.
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