Writing I made days after 9/11


Tom W

I wrote this a couple days after 9/11. It might not make sense but it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. It's not poetry or even flow well in spots.

It is written as If we (USA) are speaking to you (those that did this and their stereo-type). I was trying to make sense of it all without just spouting off about killing all that opposed us and our way of life.

The mood shifts in the writing from anger to comapsion to confusion. If you don't understand it I apologize, but if you want to ask questions about it feel free. Please do not take offense to it either as it was emotionally driven on the feelings at the time.

Its called...


What the hell just happened?
This feeling is so strong,
As I sit here watching them fall,
I know something is very wrong,

The scenes unbearable,
The anger builds,
Someone’s got to pay,
Someone else has to fall,

Who do we blame?
Couldn’t have been us,
Pointing our fingers and saying,
It had to be you, you or you,

All those people,
All that life,
Taken at once,
Taken by flight,

At least it wasn’t me,
At least it wasn’t you,
At least it wasn’t more,
At least it was only four,

Together we cry,
Together we stand,
Together we are,
Hand in hand,

So here we go,
Here we go again,
Halfway around the world,
To let freedom ring,

Freedom is coming,
Coming for you,
Justice will be served,
Served on you, you or you,

We send in our sons,
We send in our daughters,
We send them after you,
What will you do?

You will send your sons,
You will send your daughters,
You will send them after us,
What will we do?

Many have died,
Many more will,
This fight is hard,
Hard as hell,

The anger subsides,
The anger fades,
We now ask why,
With our hands to the sky,

Bombs fall down,
Smashing your dreams,
You now ask why,
With your hands to the sky,

What did we do?
What was so wrong?
Why are you here?
Singing this freedom song,

Standing up for what you believe,
That is all we do,
We are like you,
We want that too,

Revenge is always bad,
So they say,
Dig two graves,
One for them and one for you,

Send in the Army,
Send in the Marines,
Send in the Air Force,
Send them all in,

Send them to fight,
Send them to win,
Give them your support,
Pray for their lives,

We all pay a price,
But how big is yours?
What are we doing?
Other than spewing words,

Marines are dying,
Soldiers too,
What have you done?
What are you willing to do?

History is made,
Time rolls on,
Those that have perished,
Their memory soon gone,

At least it wasn’t me,
At least it wasn’t you,
At least it wasn’t more,
At least it was only four,

What can be done?
What can we do?
Remembering the anger,
Looking at you,

We are in it to win,
We are in it for long,
We will fight on and on,
As you sing your song,

God is great,
God is glory,
We feel that way too,
But we won’t stop you,

We won’t stop you,
From praising your God,
We want you to know,
No one is wrong,

We stand for freedom,
You stand for fear,
We are correct,
And you are…?
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