Writing QM for QS9000 & ISO9K2K



I'm still working on a QM for our company that is ISO9002:1994 & QS 9000 registered and updating to ISO 9001:2000. Has anyone done this? We are going to stay with QS for the time being, but need to get it together for updating to ISO9K2K, and the QM has been my biggest problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or examples of how they have made this transition in their QM?


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I *think* there was/is another post about this but I don't remember anyone who has done this.

Al Dyer


Are you planning on giving up QS-9000 and go soley with ISO? Or maybe a change to TS-16949 which is based on ISO2000. I don't believe QS will be updated to reflect ISO2000 requirements.

Howard Atkins

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I have written a QM for QS and 9001:2000 according to the format of 9001:2000 and added the QS parts at the points that are referenced in 16949:2002.
This means that when you update to 16949 there will be far less to do.


Are there any other tips you can give me? I'll definitely take a look at what you suggest and compare it to what I have already done. I appreciate the help, since very few people seem to be in this position.:bonk:
We start working our transition in next month, so we'll see how this works. We plan on making the TS 16949 transition at a later date as soon as business improves.:rolleyes:
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