Y2K and the AIAG


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Subject: Y2K and the AIAG
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 16:56:13 -0400
From: "Batman" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>

Not sure if I am allowed to start a new subject, so here is a Y2K interesting item.

An AIAG representative came to our facility today to assess our Y2K preparedness. He came into my measurement lab, went to the CMM (12 years old, still original and runs great) and read the name, model, etc. He had what appeared to be a checklist with him. He asked if the CMM was Y2K ready. I told him likely not, since the BIOS was from 1985. He was escorted by the new Quality Manager / MR, they had a quiet discussion and was told by the QM that we had contingency plans if the CMM does not work in 2000. He told me that I could change the BIOS date (in 2000) to 1972, since it had the same days / dates as 2000. He told the MR that he would mark it compliant and left.

I was incredulous.

He performed NO tests on the computer. He only looked at it as it was running.

I have NO contingency plans, (I am the only one who programs it) since I was expecting new hardware this year. Many measurements CAN be made to simulate a CMM, but many of our parts are measured the same way as our customers, and have been for years.

You cannot just arbitrarily change the date to 1972, since this date is not known to many computers' BIOS. This particular one does not recognize that date, even I knew this, and I am NOT an expert.

Since I am now suddenly (and magically?) compliant, I guess my new hardware is delayed again...

See, working for and with the automotive folks CAN be magic!

Am I missing something?


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