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I'm new to the world of quality. Unwittingly lucked into a position with a medical device start up. Then I quickly lucked into finding The Cove. I come here to self educate, to help improve my knowledge and confidence in my new position, and for the occasional (stifled) laugh. My hope is that I will eventually be coming back with contributions to help the newer people as become "less new".


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Originally I came here for the information as I knew just enough to get into trouble. I took time out of Quality and then got a Quality job again. I am back to remind myself of the things I forgot (not as much as I thought). One of the greatest recourses of this site is the community and the 'attitude' of the community. This is a very good place to talk about specifics and get deeper insites.


At the time, I was.... well.. frustrated to say the least with ASQ and their discussions. Something happened over there, I think Coury Ferguson may have misunderstood something I typed there. I think ASQ mods just deleted or something.
Anyway... I came over here so I had the ability to send an apology note to him, and... was blown away by the level of expertise and knowledge.

:D One of the first things I did right after that was unknowingly insult Sidney (not sure he remembers that..). :D Luckily all was forgiven and we moved on.

It was a little rougher then... Randy's avatar showed him holding what I think was a huge 44 magnum. :) Sometimes we would come out pretty strongly on individuals, mainly not because anybody was mean per se; but we as a group just got a bit discouraged about the struggles folks were going through with management on poorly supported/ implemented ISO9001 initiatives.

But I learned sooo sooo much from this group. And it wasn't just one person... there would be several people contribute on a subject. In the calibration field... I can't count how much I learned from Hershal and Jerry Allred on various subjects.

And.... the quantitative folks... boy did I learn soooo much. They would invest so much time helping folks and studying their data and results. But so much of their posts always started with: what are you trying to do, what does your data look like? Back to basics... answer the basic (but not always the easiest) questions first. Then the proper tool will show itself. I carried that into my advanced studies, and when I teach. They... taught me that.

I also learned.... from Marc and the moderators what it means to slow down and communicate through just the written word. I realized how much we really communicate non-verbally and how important it is to slow down and seek to understand first.

To date, this is still (in my opinion) one of the foremost sources for business/ quality related information available, especially at no charge.

Why do I come here? Because teaching at a university, I get so worn out many times with the battle for who has what degree and tenure and such. But here.... we had multiple multiple discussions in the moderator forums about do we want to show some post count/ number of likes/ titles/ etc. We wanted people to have their credentials, but also didn't want things to become and ego battle. Someone might... put more weight in something.... Brad or Marc (insert you here....) said just because they've been here since the dawn of time and have 12 gillion posts. Someone with four posts to their name... may have the most brilliant answer there. We wanted to encourage and cultivate as much as we could new family members.

I guess I blather on to say.... I learn every time I log in here about something. From people.... I respect and admire for giving so much, for free. That... is an extreme rarity these days, and I cherish it.


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I came to learn, kept coming back and began to share what I'd learned, and while I still come back for these reasons, I also need a "reality check" every now and then. Sometimes it's just good to see if you know what you think you know or if you're just way out there in left field somewhere, crawling around in the weeds. And it's been really nice to meet in person a few of the folks in here. :cool:


It happened in 2008. I stumpled upon Elsmar during a search and registered myself and asked a question that I wanted some clarification. I did not expect a response soon, but it happened. I was happy. It never stopped from then.
I began to respond to few questions that I saw and asked more questions. Every little progress made from thereon was positive. I began to see the depth of knowledge and sharing resources like nowhere else. Like a small fish in the big ocean, I began to enjoy my time here and the bond just grew stronger. This perhaps was my first IoT experience for me. I spread the word around in my circle and felt proud to quote 'Elsmar'in several professional interactions. I stay logged in always if you have noticed. Nothing more to add, except that I feel involved with pride. Thanks Marc and to everybody else who have kept this going in the calm and the storm... :agree:Namaste from India.(y)
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It was 2008 for me too. We were implementing our QMS. Came here to learn, felt welcome and did learn a lot. The place was so professional compared to most other internet discussion forums. It still is.
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