Zeiss CMM Calypso output to Excel or CSV file Help

No luck finding one here,that would be a great help.
my other question is ,how about Pi web, can it produce report with corresponding model images.
and how much does this cost?



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When I first used PiWeb it was in earlier stages, definitely had some clunkiness and less than ideal approaches, I understand it is much better now. But even back then I was able to load cad models and make nice looking inspection forms. And programming PiWeb for inspections was easy, mostly drag and drop. And it has a ton of statistical analysis available as nice charts at the click of a button once you have inspection data in it. It's not cheap, you could call and be prepared :).

I know of a trustworthy account manager for a company that sells inspection equipment and software. If you'd like his contact info shoot me a PM and I'll get it to you. I'll send a message to a CMM programmer I know, but it could be a while on a response.
Thanks Eredhel,
we have Zeiss Calypso ,we want reports to come with the screen shots.
At present we are copying the pics manually & it is not fast.If you can help me develop a report template that would be great.


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Unfortunately I don't have access to a Zeiss machine anymore so I wouldn't be able to. "Zeiss Care" is a service you can get for your machine and Calypso software. You should find out if you guys have it, because the helpdesk service is super handy.

Do you have Zeiss come and calibrate your CMM or do you all do it in house?
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